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    Dandong the Arima Instrument Co, Ltd to provide you with quality: WLP-205?08?16?05A?08A average stars Tester welcome to the new and old customers to negotiate and to plant guide Toll-free: 4006115218
    Contact:Luo Manager
    Tel :86-415-2825726, 2825727
    Fax :0415-2837667
    E-mail: ddhyyq@sina.com
    Address: Liaoning Province, Dandong City, Jiangcheng Street, No. 234
    Zip Code: 118000



       Dandong Huayu Instrument Co., Ltd is the production of grain-size analysis instruments, water analysis equipment specialized factories, our company engineering and technical personnel has been developed since 1977 more than 30 years. WLP-based average particle size analyzer won second prize of scientific research for decades, constantly upgrading products, because of the good product quality and good after-sales service, factory production of WLP-205, 208,206 and other types of The average particle size analyzer is widely used in various industrial fields, deeply domestic and foreign users. The company abide by the contract, welcome customers at home and abroad to our factory for a guest and technology exchange to purchase the product.

    Average particle size analyzer (fee's) Application areas:
    Magnetic materials, powder metallurgy, refractory metals, special ceramics, tungsten and molybdenum materials, cemented carbide, non-ferrous metals, non-metallic chemical industry, construction Materials, functional materials, and defense industries

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