My art is my egoism to dissect myself into thousands of pieces.
Just to put myself back together anew – over and over again.

Through my photographs I try to study and get a better understanding of my inner worlds, my fears, my dreams, my subconscious mind and whatever it is that emerges to the surface the very moment the shutter goes off.
The majority of my photographs are self-portraits and do not follow any restricting concepts. I want to let each story unfold itself right when it is happening – sometimes in a completely new direction. To me there is no shame or intimacy about nudity. I only see the human body for what it is: a mere vessel of skin, flesh and bones. A shell that adapts to ones needs, from the moment we are born until we die. The cycle of life and death being another important theme throughout my body of work, I want to explore the relation of the human body, death and nature and how they all intertwine.

All of my photographs are developed and printed by myself in my darkroom, using alternative or
experimental techniques following an instinctive procedure rather than a clearly defined one.
This physical part of my work process is equally essential to me as taking the photos and it offers me a more tangible approach to my art. To me, the darkroom work is a perfect interaction of control and complete unpredictability. A beautiful symbiosis of magic and chaos.